Pixie will host her SURF SWEAT SERVE retreat at PURO SURF, a resort in EL ZONTEEl Salvador. In addition to the resorts offerings, Pixie will be leading yoga classes, beach play workouts, as well as processing playgrounds to stimulate and connect with the mental, emotional and physical aspects of the group. Guests will surf, sweat, and partner with Puro Surf to host a camp of underprivileged children from the local communities. Together we will build connection, help them learn to surf, feel confidant in the waves, educate them about the importance of single use plastics, beach preservation, as well as host a Surf Sweat Serve team + Puro Surf kids camp, beach cleanup! 

Puro Surf Hotel and Performance Academy was set up by a group of surfers that are passionate about the sport of surfing. These surfers care deeply about the country and community they live in and want to share the life they love.

Puro Surf Hotel is all about living the dream. A boutique hotel of just 13 rooms set into beautiful surroundings. Whether surfing or not, as a guest you can expect to eat well, sleep well and enjoy life.

The hotel services include yoga, massage, cultural and adventure tours. Hotel guests will have access to the Academy facilities, including a gym, yoga studio, carver skate park, and lap pool. The hotel is also host to a stunning infinity pool and bar just above the beach. 

El Zonte is a surfing paradise. Offering an incredibly consistent right hand point break, a river-mouth "A frame", and beach breaks are all within walking distance.

Guests will also have plenty of down time to relax and enjoy the beauty of the resort grounds and local beaches.